Persimmon Bread

    This is my first time trying persimmon believe it or not! They lend quite well to baked goods, especially this moist quick bread. I haven’t had much to share here lately,… Continue reading

Tarte Aux Pommes (Apple Tart)

  This week I finished reading a book. Sounds minimal, I know. But it’s been a long while since something’s caught my attention enough to finish it, and in record time too. Cea… Continue reading

Butter Croissant (from scratch, with step by step images)

  This weekend’s project was croissants! I’ve been shying away from certain items here, as I do not own a stand mixer and some things are made a wee bit difficult without one!… Continue reading

Whole Wheat Pancakes (With Vegan Option)

  Pretty much every culture around the globe has roots in what we know today as pancakes. A pancake is simply a thin, usually round, disk of starchy dough or batter fried in a… Continue reading

Sausage & Kale Stew with Lentils & Chickpeas

  Today I’m posting my dinner. I usually share guilty pleasure items, but you’ll enjoy this one just as much – I promise.   “Only the pure at heart can make a good… Continue reading

Raspberry Apple Breakfast Bread

    Raspberry Apple Breakfast Bread: yields 1 loaf   1+1/2 cup              all purpose flour 1/2 cup                  whole wheat… Continue reading

Spice Cookies for Autumn.

  Sugar rolled spice cookies and a pot of Chai tea. The perfect accompaniment to this grey October afternoon. I have no interesting stories or opinions to share today, as we’re too busy marathoning… Continue reading

Pumpkin Bread with Bosc Pears

    In honor of the crisp autumn weather that’s officially arrived (and me finally getting to wear my peacoat and massive scarf!) I wanted to make something particularly suited for this week’s… Continue reading

Toasted Sunflower Seed Sable Cookies with Rye + Cardamom

    This week I got my hands on Chad Robertson’s Tartine Book 3. I’ve been getting excited about using alternative grains for bread and pastry not for the purpose of going gluten… Continue reading

Chai Spiced Shortbread + Chickpea Buckwheat Sable

  This week I’ve been wanting to try out some new cookie recipes with alternative flours, for different textures and flavors. I went out and got an assortment of goodies, scored a recipe… Continue reading

Gluten-Free! My opinion on fad dieting and allergy claims.

  Breakfast talk #2. Today’s topic is fad dieting vs. food allergies! *yayyy! …everyone roll their eyes now*  I apologize in advance for the excessive italicizing and bolding, it’s the only way I… Continue reading

Food Blogger Etiquette, Recipe Copyright Law + Legality vs. Morality.

  Breakfast Talk #1. The beginning of a series of posts on the topic of food blogging + writing, to initiate conversation and debate. This post is specifically geared towards food bloggers or those who’re… Continue reading