gluten-free clementine cake + thoughts on a decade of working in professional kitchens.

    Today I write in a more serious manner, on a topic that is near and dear to my heart. Something I hate to love, and love to hate: what it’s like… Continue reading

Avocado Rise’n’Shine Smoothie.

  Today’s breakfast: a smoothie of avocado, banana, orange, dates, and apple. The perfect good morning pick me up after a night of dancing and gin-and-tonic’ing at a friend’s wedding. Feeling a little… Continue reading

African Blue Basil + Arugula Pesto

    The words pesto and pestle (as in mortar & pestle) are relatives. Pesto originates from the Genoa region of Italy and was traditionally made by crushing garlic, basil, olive oil, parmigiano reggiano, pine nuts, and sheep’s milk… Continue reading

Post-Workout Protein Shake

  “Better Than Your Boyfriend’s Post-Workout Protein Shake” is what this should really be named. I’ve never really tried the powdered gunk everybody seems to swear by, the smell and sludge-like appearance just… Continue reading

Experimenting with Dark Food Photography.

  I’ve been doing a lot of googling lately. I always feel like I need more gear, more props, and more gadgets, to get the images I drool over online. In particular the… Continue reading

Chipotle Popcorn.

Olive oil and mixed spices make this snack healthier than the usual simulated butter flavouring you’ll find at the movie theatre. “Recent studies show” that a large sized popcorn with butter at such… Continue reading

Vegetable Chips. Healthier Snacking.

    We were gifted a food dehydrator via snail mail two weeks ago- and this is my first attempt in many years at dehydrating! Since it’s finally summer there is a ton of… Continue reading

Zucchini Bread with Honey + Molasses

  Two days ago in British Columbia an astonishing 20 temperature records were broken at weather stations across the province. The temperature highs in the top three communities to break their records ranged from 40.7 C… Continue reading

Black Forest Cake (for Cheaters) + A Trip to Montreal

  Summer calls for food that is seasonal and light. When you google summer dessert you’re mostly overrun with fruit trifles and different (read: gimmicky) ways to make a watermelon look like a cake. Neither of… Continue reading

Chewy Nut Butter Cookies (butter free!)

  So, I’ve been in battle this week. A battle against red aphids on the chili pepper plants. I’ve tossed one plant and sprayed the other one with soapy suds in hopes that… Continue reading

Smoked Paprika + Fennel Seed Bread

  Tonight we’re devouring this bread with a little homemade pulled pork, limey cabbage and carrot slaw, and some lima bean and charred corn succotash. Jealous? You should be, it’s a delicious summer… Continue reading

Balcony Garden Progress (and my bread starter’s birthday)

  As I watch the tomato vines grow hairier despite recent rain and wind whipping, and find myself constantly repositioning pots and crates, I’m coming to know which of our green pets will do well here… Continue reading